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Game Stats

MyPlay’s Breakdown & Stats service offers highly detailed insights so you can make data-based decisions regarding your players. Our dedicated team of professional analysts work around the clock to construct in- depth feedback with full game breakdowns, comprehensive statistics and interactive heat maps to help you improve your game.

Our advanced analytics, includes team stats, individual stats, shooting charts, box scores, heat maps, personal profiles for each athlete, and convenient filtering options so you can analyze specific moments, players or trends throughout the season. Data breakdown is completed within 24 hours. You will receive an email as soon as the reports are ready.


Record & Upload

  • Online VOD games
  • Schedule recordings
  • Upload & download games
  • Unlimited recordings

Highlights & Clips

  • Easy to create highlights
  • Export clips from breakdown
  • Showcase athlete performance
  • Share highlights on social media

Live Stream

  • Scoreboard integration
  • Watch from any device
  • Unlimited viewers
  • No cameraman necessary

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